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Published by artvandelay on 2024-01-16 19:28

Release contains documents dated between 2017 and 2020 from Constellis (a.k.a. Academi, Blackwater), the security contracting firm founded by Eric Prince. Academi became Constellis in 2014. An earlier DDoSecrets data release showed the Prince family money finding its way to the tax haven Bahamas.

From the release, in document "Pandemic Recovery Leadership":

Constellis protects critical priorities safely and efficiently around the world. Operating in 30 countries and based in the Washington D.C. area … 22,000 Constellis employees bring unparalleled dedication and passion … As a leading global provider of risk management, security, humanitarian, training and operational support services, Constellis’s forward thinking solutions include … background investigations, social intelligence tools, advanced training, logistics and life support, UAS and K9 services, and crisis response and mitigation.