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Mining Secrets

Published by artvandelay on 2024-01-13 18:48

Over 4 terabytes of files and emails from the Swiss-registered mining and investment consortium Solway and its Guatemalan subsidiaries Pronico and CGN. These files are the data behind Forbidden Stories' cross-border investigation by 65 journalists & 20 outlets focusing on Solway's Fenix nickel mine in Guatemala.

The data focuses on the Fenix project operated by Compañía Procesadora de Níquel de Izabal (Pronico) and Compañía Guatemalteca de Níquel (CGN), under Solway's umbrella. Solway is a Swiss consortium which makes over $600 million USD in yearly revenue and bought the Guatemala nickel mine from the Canadian company HudBay in 2011.

The data exposes the harsh realities of the mine's conditions and the lengths it goes to continue operating and to silence those that oppose it or report on it.

A group of fishermen from an indigenous community in Guatemala demanded to know more about the environmental impact and contamination caused by a ferronickel mine established on their ancestral land. In El Estor, Izabal, Prensa Comunitaria photojournalist Carlos Choc captured evidence of police killing Maya Q’eqchi’ fisherman Carlos Maaz at a protest on May 27, 2017. For his work covering the land and water defenders in El Estor, Choc’s home has been broken into and his work machines and cameras stolen. Choc has also faced intimidation from the Guatemalan judicial system including criminal charges. The journalists who captured the evidence of the police murder were the only people who were charged after Maaz’s death.

The data also reveals that in addition to having their work criminalized, journalists who investigated the mine and the company were put under surveillance, and more.



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Editor Notes

A video of the hack was sent to Enlace Hacktivista and can be seen here.