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Boy Scouts of America

Published by artvandelay on 2024-01-16 18:50

Records disclosed in litigation detailing alleged or actual child sexual abuse activities by Boy Scouts of America employees or those applying to work with BSA. Known internally as the "Ineligible Volunteer" files, "perversion files" or "p-files", they reveal efforts to conceal and manage endemic abuse within the organization. These records were released as part of the court case Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America following an unsuccessful appeal by the Boy Scouts to the Oregon Supreme Court. Copies of the records were posted publicly in searchable formats by the Los Angeles Times, Crew Janci LLP, and Paul Mones PC, two of the law firms representing abuse victims.

Additionally, these files are not exhaustive and only comprise a small sampling of records held by the organization. Over the course of the case, it was determined that the Boy Scouts were aware of widespread abuse possibly as early as 1914, with formal records being created around 1920. The records released primarily span the period of 1965 to 1985; records obtained by the Los Angeles Times cover 1985 to 1991. Files from Crew Janci are organized by exhibit number; files from the Times by name.

Missing documents (LA Times):

  • Charles Alan Michaels
  • Charles D. Cowan
  • Christina J. Rogers
  • Clifford W. Wright