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OPM Anonymous Hack

Published by waviness on 2024-01-14 04:14

A small hack and leak of Office of Personnel Management files by Anonymous several months before the Chinese hack. The Anonymous hack reportedly used a different exploit. The files were submitted b...

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Patron Papers

Published by waviness on 2024-01-14 04:22

Documents from Seprelad, Paraguay's Secretariat for the Prevention of Money or Property Laundering. The reports known as Patron Papers were first released to the press in 2022, and include an investig...

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KCSA Strategic Communications

Published by waviness on 2024-01-20 00:51

A public relations firm based in Boston, MA breached by Team Snatch / Boris the Blade. ## Reserved Due to the PII in this dataset, the data is only being made available to journalists and resear...

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[email protected]

Published by waviness on 2024-01-20 01:07

Emails from Dmitry V. Khavchenko, a militant allegedly connected to pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas accused of ties to Russian security services and influence operations targeting Ukraine. Implic...

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LAPD Headshots

Published by waviness on 2024-01-20 01:24

Over 9,000 headshots of officers in the Los Angeles Police Department, which the Department released and went to court to attempt to censor. ## Research - [Names, photos of Los Angeles underco...

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LATAM Airlines

Published by waviness on 2024-01-20 01:28

53 gigabytes of cargo manifests hacked from LATAM Airlines, focusing on Colombia and Peru. ## Reserved Due to the presence of PII including copies of passports, the data is being offered only on...

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