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Published by artvandelay on 2024-01-23 05:58

79,000 emails from the OMEGA Company, the R&D department of Russia's state-controlled pipeline company, Transneft / Транснефть. Transneft is the world's largest oil pipeline company. The emails cover the account's most recent activity, including after the introduction of American sanctions on February 25, 2022. Some of the emails reflect some of the effects of those sanctions.

In 2018, Transneft took over 31% of shares which belonged to the Russian Federation in Caspian Pipeline Consortium. Transneft is operating over 70,000 kilometres (43,000 mi) of trunk pipelines and transports about 80% of oil and 30% of oil products produced in Russia.


This dataset was released in the buildup to, in the midst of, or in the aftermath of a cyberwar or hybrid war. Therefore, there is an increased chance of malware, ulterior motives and altered or implanted data, or false flags/fake personas. As a result, we encourage readers, researchers and journalists to take additional care with the data.

This is a standard disclaimer that will be added to all datasets in the Cyberwar category, even absent specific suspicions.

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Dedicated by the source to Hillary Clinton.